Most of us don’t know what VOCs are and to be honest, we really don’t need all the science nerd facts and figures. What we really need to understand is why they’re bad for us.

Volatile organic compounds are gasses given off by many household items, including paint, carpets and furniture. It’s that new carpet and fresh paint smell we all recognize.

Over time and with a lot of exposure, these chemicals have been linked to headaches, allergies, irritated eyes and throats, dizziness or fatigue, even nausea. Nasty.

The government of Canada limits the use of VOCs in paint to very low levels, but even so, we’re working towards getting the levels even lower.

Many CIL paints contain no VOCs and the others are low-VOC. The end result? You can move right back into your room – practically before the paint’s dry – and you won’t be overwhelmed with that fresh paint smell. You’ll sleep better knowing you’re not breathing in anything nasty (from the paint – anything else you’re breathing in is SO not our fault).